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Structural Engineering

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Structural engineering relies on detailed knowledge of applied mechanics, materials science, and applied mathematics to understand and predict how structures will support and withstand self-weight and imposed loads.

There are specific specialty types of structures, such as buildings, bridges, pipelines, industrial tunnels, vehicles, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft.

Structural building engineering adopts a mixture of materials, shapes, and basic mathematical. Also adopts scientific ideas to achieve an end that meets its functional requirements and is structurally safe for all loads that can reasonably be expected.

Civil engineering includes all structural engineering related to the built environment. They include:

Bridges, dams, sand works, bases, marine structures, pipelines, power plants, railways, retaining walls, roads, tunnels, waterways, reservoirs, water and wastewater infrastructure.

The structural design of a building ensures that the building will be able to stand safely and be able to function without excessive deviations or movements that might fatigue or crack structural elements, fail fixtures, connections, or partitions, or affect the comfort of the users of the facility. The calculation must show the movements and forces resulting from temperature, creep, cracks and assumed loads. It must also ensure that the design is practicable within acceptable tolerances of materials.

Earthquake Engineering

The main goals of earthquake engineering are to understand the reaction of structures to vibration, to anticipate the consequences of potential earthquakes, and to design and construct components in a structure to resist earthquake.

The principles of structural engineering apply to a variety of mechanical (moving) structures. The design of fixed structures assumes that they have the same geometry (in fact, fixed structures can move significantly. The engineering design must take this into account when necessary), but the design of movable or moving structures is concerned with the fatigue of the materials used, the different way of resisting loads, and the possibility of large deflections in the facility.