About JAS

About JAS

JAS Engineering Consultancy Company

We Sketch Your Dreams

Our signature design process comes standard…We harness our passion and energies to enable clients to obtain high quality services with creative designs.

JAS Engineering Consultants, an engineering company and engineering consultancy, managed by an elite group of experts, a team and youthful hands that sketch your dreams. Our core business revolves around aligning our engineering consultancy to our clients with engineering standards.
JAS Engineering Consulting Company was established in June of 2021 in the city of Jeddah on the Red Sea coast in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led by a group of former administrators in the public and private sectors, based on great and accumulated experience that extends for more than 25 years in planning and managing major capital projects in the field of Civil, Architectural, Electrical and Geological Engineering.
JAS Engineering Consulting Company aims to be the preferred partner for its clients by providing all designs and creative options that match their perceptions and suit their needs. We provide modern models that keep pace with modernity and use the concepts and foundations necessary to reach the best designs in terms of beauty, accuracy and quality in use.
Engineering company, engineering consultancy and Issuance of a sidewalk permit and Issuance of fencing licenses for white lands. We do architectural and structural engineering designs, surveying works and croquets. In addition to interior design and decoration, furniture distribution plans, landscaping and landscaping, electrical and electromechanical plans. As well as creating plans, designing villas and buildings, designs for external facades, rest houses, chalets and residential buildings. We also supervise the implementation of designs. and project management.
مكتب هندسي استشارات هندسية رخصة اشغال رصيف
مكتب هندسي استشارات هندسية رخصة اشغال رصيف

Modern Design

Provide our clients the latest modern innovative designs and consultancy with high standards.


We are committed to the impeccable craftsmanship and luxury is reflected in all we do.


We sketch your dreams and create The art of stylish living stylishly.

Excellence in an integrated and proficient team in all disciplines of design, planning, studies and engineering consultancy.

Commitment to providing the required in the most beautiful and pompous form, commitment to accurate delivery time and meeting all the needs of our customers.

Artistic creativity by creating elegant interior and exterior designs to achieve all the client's needs of beauty and luxury of design with the highest quality and professionalism.


Stages Of Reaching Your Dream

Preliminary Studies

At this stage, we understand the requirements and needs of the client

Implementations On Ground

After studying the requirements and collecting data, our team will start working according to the engineering standards

Review and Supervision

The project is sealed with a supervision and audit to ensure that there are no errors, if any