JAS Engineering Consultancy Company

We Sketch Your Dreams

JAS Engineering Consultants managed by a group of experts will sketch your dreams. Our core business revolves around aligning what we provide to our clients with engineering standards.
Our core business is all about aligning what we offer our clients with environments crafted around their wants and needs, seeking to balance design expression with end-user ergonomics. Specialize in mixed-use projects.

JAS Engineering Consultancy Company

Our Services

Plans & Drawings

- Architectural Plans
- Construction Drawings
- Electrical Diagrams
- Electromechanical Schematics
- Furniture Distribution Plans
- Detailed Operational Drawings
- Warehouses, Hangars and Factories

Designs & Schematics

- Urban Designs
- Exterior Frontend Designs
- Interior Design and Furniture
- Landscaping of Gardens and Green Fields
- Warehouses, Hangars and Factories
Rennovate Rooms

Surveying Services

- Regulatory and Surveying Croquis
- Signing Blueprints on Site
- Signing Construction Works of the Axes, Columns and Bases
- Sorting Residential Units, Plans and Lands
Outsourced Service In House Feel

Engineering Consultancy

- General Engineering Consultancy
- Design Consultancy: Interior and Exterior
Rennovate Rooms

Engineering Studies

- Study of Structural Designs
- Re-examination of Structural Designs
- Hydrological Study Work
Rennovate Rooms


- Supervising Construction Implementation
- Supervising Architectural Implementation
- Supervising Designs Implementation
Rennovate Rooms

Other Engineering Services

- Projects Management
- Calculation of Quantities and Specifications
- Estimating Collateral Damage, Flood Damage and Others
- Restoration/Repair
- Restoration Study
- Issuance of Licenses :
... >> Issuance of a Sidewalk Permit
... >> Issuance of Fencing Licenses for White Lands
... >> Building Warehouses, Hangars and Factories
... >> Sorting Real Estate/Residential Units

JAS Engineering Consultancy Company

Our Featured Projects

JAS Engineering Consultancy Company Specialize In Surveying Engineering Croquis Architecture Structural Engineering Interior Design Electromechanics

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